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No matter what your fitness level is, whether it be beginner, moderate, or advanced, I will ensure you burn the most fat and have the most fun possible! The types of exercises in each class vary, but you can expect circuit training, strength and power training, cardio, relay races, stamina, flexibility, HIIT, and much more! We’re a team and together we work hard, hitting new fitness levels every week!


Fit Frenzy Fall 2018 – Balanced Breath Studio in Arthur, ON

Incorporating all 3 elements of fitness, Fit Frenzy is guaranteed to increase your cardio output, build muscle endurance and strength, and improve balance and agility. After a light warm-up, cardio will be performed in a supportive, group class format, followed by strength based circuit training at varying stations throughout the studio. To finish we do a light, relaxing cool down stretch session. This class is for all fitness levels and abilities. You set the pace.

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“Fall into Fitness” Boot Camp 2018 – Community Christian School in Drayton, ON

Bootcamp is a challenging, fun, and supportive workout environment. Designed for maximum calorie burn in the smallest amount of time, my boot camp is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your muscles growing, and your energy levels through the roof! There will be group, partner, and individual circuits (with modifications) using bodyweight exercises and equipment I have picked up over the last year or two. Using a variety of formats, equipment, and exercises, no two classes will be the same. Come for the camaraderie and fitness, stay for the fun and surprises!

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