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It’s no secret – personal training sessions are expensive! They are also restrictive in allotted times and, in general, do not allow for much flexibility in a complicated, stressful, and chaotic life.

The solution? Online personal training!

Through online assessments and interviews, a personalized workout plan is delivered to you directly via a user-friendly phone app.


  • Individual interview + assessment to determine client wants/needs
  • Custom tailored workout plan
  • Written AND video instruction for each exercise
  • Log workouts with me directly via phone app = ACCOUNTABILITY
  • One-On-One video chat/online meet-up and personal messaging
  • Access to a group chat to discuss fitness and nutrition, and to motivate yourself and others

+ (Optional) $50 Nutritional Consulting/Meal Plan (see Nutritional Consulting page for details)

For more information on this program, pricing, etc. contact me via email or phone: (226) 223-1506

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